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Denim Fabric


      • Hard wearing and high density fabrics.
      • It may be napped, printed made with spandex or other stretch yarns.
      • Long lasting fabric.


      • Weights: ranging from 203.46 gm/m2 (6 oz/yd2) to 474.74 gm/m2 (14 6 oz/yd2).
      • Minimum staple length: 2.7 cm.
      • Proportion of short fibers (less than 12 mm long): under 40%.
      • Twist factor: 4.5 to 5.0 for warp yarns, 4.2 for weft yarns.

 Denim fabric may be used in various ways as follows:

      • Baby wear, men’s trouser, shirts, ladies wear and day by day, its acceptability is increasing among customers.
      • In the past, it was used by workers as a safety wear. Now, it is also used for making decorative cap and ladies hand bag, college bag and travel bag.
      • This is also used for jacket, pant, shirt, denim wine bags, denim pencil case, denim apron, denim pillows, denim quilt and more.

Ethnic Fabric

  Uses of Ethnic Fabric:

      • Sweater and cardigan.
      • Designing sarees.
      • Dresses and tops.

  Features of Ethnic Fabric:

      • Elegant and pleasing look.
      • Vivacious colors.
      • Perfect blend of tradition and trend.
      • Highly reliable.


      • Colours: multicolor
      • Sizes: available in varied sizes

Handloom Fabrics

  Features of Handloom Fabrics:

      • Available in all possible colors and patterns.
      • Easy to wash and maintain.
      • Shrink resistant.


      • In various styles, colors, shades, weaves and patterns

  Specifications of Handloom Fabrics

      • Yarn: good quality (R/P)
      • Colour: available in all colours
      • Width: 50 inch
      • Length: 11 meter
      • Rid: 60
      • Pick: 65

Hosiery Fabrics

  Features of Hosiery Fabrics:

      • Hard-wearing
      • Elegant design
      • Eye catching colour

  Other information of Hosiery Fabrics:

      • Do not necessarily limit hosiery fabrics to undergarments, it is also used for the purposes of this category, it can include under and outer garments, e.g. leggings and legwarmers.

  Specifications of Hosiery Fabrics:

      • Sample availability: yes
      • Sizes: available in all sizes
      • Texture: soft and smooth

Leather Fabric

  Performance specifications:

      • Breaking strength
      • Tear strength
      • Adhesion of coating
      • Wet and dry crock resistance

  Technical specifications of Leather Fabric:

      • Weight at 54 inches: the weight of one yard of fabric at a width of 54” (the typical width of a roll of coated fabric), measured in ounces
      • Thickness: thickness of the fabric, measured in millimeters
      • Total weight: the weight of one square yard of fabric, measured in ounces
      • Backing composition: backing material on the coated fabric. The most common types include polyester, polyester-cotton, and polyester-cotton/leather
      • Backing weight: the weight of the backing material of one square yard of fabric, measured in ounces
      • Repeat: a repeat refers to the length of the pattern before it repeats itself again. Fabrics can have a vertical or horizontal repeat, or both, or none
      • Cleaning code: voluntary uniform standards for furniture upholstery cleanability. Used as a guide for spot removal and for overall cleaning.
      • W-use water-based cleaner
      • S-use solvent-based cleaner
      • WS-us water-based cleaner on water based stains, and solvent-based cleaners on oil-based

Lining Fabrics

  Type of Lining Fabrics:

      • Lining taffeta made from acetate fibre or polyester, as a jacquard or patterned.


      • 100% polyester lining fabric, 290T, downproof
      • Component: 100% polyester
      • Specifications: 50D*50D
      • Weight: 60gsm
      • After treatments: plain dyed, anti-static, downproof cire
      • Usage: downproof jackets, cold-protection garments

Parachute Fabric

  Key specifications of Parachute Fabric:

      • Material: 100% nylon
      • Specifications: 30D*30D
      • Weight: 45gsm
      • Width: 57/58 inches
      • After treatment: plain dyed, anti-static, water-resistant and down-proof
      • Advantages: super thin, lightweight, soft texture and fashionable
      • Usages: suitable for down garments, parachute, jacket, fashionable dresses and decorationPacking: rolled in standard plastic bags or customized

Twill Fabric

  Key specifications of Twill Fabric:

      • Materials: 80% polyester + 20% cotton
      • Specification: 21*21 108*58cm
      • Color: all color as customer’s requests
      • Width: 57/58″
      • Logo: any printing we can make for you just send the design to us
      • 3-5 days: if you want to customize your Logo
      • c1 day: for our existing samples for reference
      • Packing details: 25-100m/roll, 4-10 rolls/sack bag
      • Production capacity: 100000m per month



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