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Welcome to Home Designz, your ultimate destination for exceptional furnishings and home decor in Patna. We take pride in offering a diverse and exquisite range of products that will transform your house into a stylish and inviting home. With our carefully curated selection, we strive to cater to a variety of tastes, preferences, and design aesthetics.

  • Furniture : Our furniture collection is a testament to our commitment to quality craftsmanship and timeless design. From elegant sofas and comfortable armchairs to functional dining sets and stylish bedroom furniture, our range encompasses a variety of styles, materials, and finishes. Whether you prefer the sleek lines of modern minimalism, the sophistication of classic elegance, or the eclectic charm of contemporary designs, our furniture pieces are meticulously selected to reflect the latest trends and cater to your individual style.
  • Home Decor : Enhance the ambiance of your living spaces with our captivating home decor accents. Our collection features a wide array of decorative items, including eye-catching artwork, stylish mirrors, statement lighting fixtures, and unique sculptures. Each piece is thoughtfully chosen to add personality, charm, and a touch of luxury to your home. Our home decor selection allows you to express your individuality and create an environment that is truly your own.
  • Fabrics : Explore our extensive range of fabrics, carefully sourced from trusted manufacturers, and renowned for their quality and beauty. Whether you’re looking for upholstery fabric to revitalize your furniture, drapery fabric to frame your windows with elegance, or decorative fabric for accent pillows and cushions, we offer an array of textures, colors, and patterns to suit your preferences. Our fabrics are designed to bring comfort, style, and durability to your space, while allowing you to unleash your creativity and customize your furnishings.
  • Accessories : Complete your home’s look with our thoughtfully curated selection of accessories. From luxurious rugs and plush carpets to stylish throws and cozy blankets, our accessories are chosen to add warmth, texture, and a finishing touch to your decor. We also offer an assortment of functional and decorative items, such as storage solutions, vases, candle holders, and tabletop decor, to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of every room.

At Home Designz, we understand that every customer is unique, and we are dedicated to providing a personalized shopping experience. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff members are always available to assist you in finding the perfect products that align with your style, needs, and budget. We value your satisfaction above all else and strive to exceed your expectations in every interaction.

Whether you visit our conveniently located showroom in Patna or explore our user-friendly website, we aim to make your shopping experience seamless and enjoyable. With secure payment options and prompt delivery, we ensure that bringing your design dreams to life is a hassle-free process.

Discover the exceptional quality, timeless design, and impeccable craftsmanship of our products at Home Designz. We invite you to explore our collections and create a home that reflects your unique personality and style. From furniture to decor and fabrics, we are here to help you make your house a truly inspiring and welcoming haven. Welcome to Home Designz, where exceptional home furnishings meet your design aspirations.

  • Curtains and drapery
  • Tracks, rods and decorative finials
  • Roman, venetian and roller blinds
  • Curtain and blind cleaning
  • Curtain and blind repairs and alterations
  • Interior design advice
  • Residential and commercial

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