Venetian Blinds


      • Offers safety and privacy
      • Blend with your home decor
      • Adds style and classic look
      • Made up of premium quality material

Vertical Blinds


      • Made of high quality material
      • Easy to hang
      • Excellent finish
      • Ideal for home interior

Wooden Blinds


      • Termite and moisture proof
      • Classic finish
      • Light weight
      • Stylish and elegant

Roller Blinds


      • Eco-friendly material
      • Offers protection
      • Easy to install
      • Ideal for home décor

Bamboo Blinds

Applications of Bamboo Blinds:

    • Residence
    • Hotels
    • Pubs
    • Hospitals

Some of the unique features of Bamboo Blinds:

    • Natural look
    • Available in all sizes and all types of windows
    • Multiple operating systems
    • Very fashionable and trendy

Specifications: The product is made of natural bamboo which is very environment friendly.

    • Weight:1.28kg/square meter
    • Optimal size: -> Width: 600 – 2,400mm Length:1800 – 50,000mm
    • Packing: Each packing in waterproof shrink film and 6pcs to 8pcs packed in export
    • carton Every roll pack in waterproof woven bag
    • Quantity for container: -> Qty/20 FCL : 4700sqm Qty/40 FCL : 9600sqm
    • ( completed finished bamboo curtain)

Chatai Blinds

Applications of Chatai Blinds:

    • Restaurant
    • Farm house
    • Hotels
    • Luxury home
    • Office

Some of the unique features of Chatai Blinds:

    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Flexibility Simple and elegant
    • Huge variety of pattern, fabrics and designs


    • Colours: available in variant colours
    • Dimensions: accurate dimensions
    • Sizes: available in small, medium and large sizes
    • Dimensions: available in various length and width

Curtain Blinds

Applications of Curtain Blinds:

    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Schools and colleges

Some of the unique Features of Curtain Blinds:

    • Shield your home from the sun
    • Enhance your décor
    • Save on your heating and cooling bills

Several Benefits of Curtain Blinds:

    • Window finishes and adds the final touches to your home décor
    • Block out light and sound up to 12 decibels
    • Highly reliable
    • The room temperature can be stabilized thereby keeping the heat in or the cold out


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Blinds Curtain


    • Lounge and living area
    • Kitchen
    • Bedrooms
    • Bathroom


    • Create a focal point
    • Enhance a feature window
    • Modish and elegant
    • Pleasing look
    • Quality material is used


    • Control the light that comes into a room a lot easier
    • So many different colours and designs to choose from
    • Wide variety of material
    • Extra privacy
    • Maintenance is easy



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